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Currently I am working on a series of paintings for the upcoming Sea Re-Connection collective Exhibition. Exhibiting with fellow Artist Miles Taverner and Naomi Oduse in an exploration of Mans relationship with the Sea.At times as we know all too well destructive but we will explore it from the perspective of what can be achieved when man connects with the Sea with respect and in a meaningful way. Birth, life, decay and regeneration will be explored via reclaimed the repurposed objects from the Sea re used within the large scale intricate works of Miles Taverner and elaborate fashion pieces of Naomi Oduse. I will be exploring the theme through the narrative of representational painting,

The Exhibition will take us on journey of mans symbiotic relationship with the Sea from destruction, regeneration, rebirth and recreation. It will challenge our thinking on how we see ourselves in our relationship with the Sea and help us to see how with fresh eyes how we can re balance that relationship and enjoy a renewed appreciation for it.

Dates to be confirmed
1 Thames Quay,
Canary Wharf
E!$ 9SG

I'll keep you posted!